The perfect flooring for your 4-legged friends

The perfect flooring for your 4-legged friends

Have you bought a house and want to choose a floor that is also perfect for your pets? You’re moving, and you don’t know if the floor will fit?
There are some very important factors to consider:
- Ease of maintenance and cleaning
- Resistance to scratches and abrasion
- The ability not to absorb liquids
- The degree of slipperiness
- Comfort for the animal.
On the occasion of World Dog Day, we recommend those that we think are the best solutions for your 4-legged friends.

Ideal floor, and not only in the presence of animals, for its incredible resistance (to wear, scratches and shocks), for its resistance to heat and its impermeability.
The stoneware wood effect or stone effect, will allow you to install the floor of your dreams, without having to worry about the possible damage that your animals could do and the care that you should reserve.
The parquet is sturdy and comfortable and, with the right care, can last for years. However there are disadvantages:
- A smooth lacquer can be very slippery
- Scratches are more visible
- A treated parquet provides more adhesion but is less resistant to moisture, so urine stains may cause irreparable damage.

The surface of a laminate floor sealed with melamine resin is antibacterial and resists well to moisture. For pet owners, this means that stains are not a big deal on this floor and it is very easy to maintain.
The advantages of stone, ceramic or marble floors are easy to clean, but they are rather porous and, in the long run, may wear out.
They are also very cold and slippery and, given their hardness, could amplify the noise of your dogs' and cats' toenails.
Would you like a more in-depth consultation? Come and visit us in our showrooms! We will show you all the solutions suitable for you.


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